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Acne/food correlation

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Although eating chips and chocolate won't cause acne, there are many people for whom there is a direct connection between what they eat and how their skin looks. I am not a physician, but have taken numerous nutrition and anatomy-type courses. That said, the way your body processes fats vs. proteins vs. carbs, etc. coupled with your entire life's history of eating may lead you to be more susceptible to skin problems due to diet. Your intestinal health is usually the culprit. My sister and I, for example, have very clear skin when consuming no dairy products. When we drink milk or have cheese on a sandwich, here come the zits. I don't know exactly why, but the proof is there.

Acne/food correlation

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hmm very interesting tell me moresmiley - ermsmiley - winkeyesmiley - biggrin

Acne/food correlation

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I was really interested in you comments regarding dairy products and the possible link to acne. I've suffered all my life from early teens to adulthood, I'm now 39, and have just started to eliminate Dairy from my diet, no startling results yet but I'd be interested in any other information anybody can give.

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