A Conversation for The 'His Dark Materials' Trilogy by Phillip Pullman

The Golden Compass

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As far as I know, and assuming I can read the big words on the cover, the first book in the trilogy is called 'The Golden Compass'.

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The Golden Compass

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The American Version is called the Golden Compass because it goes along with the theme of naming the Three Objects that are important and because it is important to the story.

However, the UK Version is called: The Northern Lights.

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The Golden Compass

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mikeyc0312 - Humans are mad. How else can you describe a creature that spends large amounts of time arguing with itself?

The name in America, 'The Golden Compass' is based on 2 fundamental mistakes. The first is believing that the Alethiometer is the most important thing in the booki, which it isn't. In the end, it all comes down to the Northern Lights. The second mistake is thinking the Alethiometer to be a compass. It is nothing in any way like a compass. A compass is a mere magnetised piece of metal, the Alethiometer is a complex device that tells the user the truth.

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