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xeno's paradox solved

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Kofi the Dug

In Terry Pratchett's discworld book "Pyramids" the dilemma is solved by philosophers shooting arrows into the back of tortoises, I'm sure PETA would complain if we tried it today.

Drop by http://www.btinternet.com/~dorian.griffiths/main.html for more discussion on Terry Pratchett's solutions to life mysteries.

But we all know the answer it is 42, thank you Mr Adams....

xeno's paradox solved

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the dilema can be solved by doing anything really (moving a leg, reading a book, shooting a tortoise if u want)... but logically it still makes sense, so its not quite solved

xeno's paradox solved

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Caine the Wayward

actually, Xeno's paradox is only a paradox in theory. in practice and in a logical situation it is proven wrong because the arrow moves those miniscule increments in miniscule amounts of time. therefore lets say that the arrow moves 1mm in 1/10000th of a second, if you were to see the arrow's entire flight in 1/10000th second increments, then that 1mm would be quite a bit of distance. besides we all know the arrow pierces the target in the end, so it reaches its goal and then some. i think i forgot why i was writing this... it is 3 am... maybe im dellusional... im going to sleep.

xeno's paradox solved

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Surly the arrow's normal flight would not end at the target, but some distance beyond it. The target gets in the way and the arrow never reaches its destination before zeno's paradox gets a look in? smiley - erm
*girl gets completely confused, is grateful for not studying philosophy, gives up and goes back to reading about plant cells*

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