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Warrior vs. Gloire?

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Not sure whether Warrior 'superior' in strictly combat role; Gloire armour same thickness, though plated all the way around. Much handier in combat than Titanic-like Warrior. Armament equivalent (neither capable of seriously damaging the other). At any rate, as Warrior as a clear 'response' she might be compared to iron-hulled French follow-on to original Gloire--etc, etc. Controller of RN (Spencer Robinson) declared in 1863 that French Gloire-class vessels could at least operate as a homegenous squadron in action, as opposd to 'lone-wolf' supr-frigates like Warrior/Black Prince. Rest of British squadron a 'fleet of samples'?...

Warrior vs. Gloire?

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Good points raised, Ironclad, however I'd still argue that La Gloire's poor seaworthiness, inferior iron and smaller guns would have been a disadvantage against Warrior in battle, and the 64 pounders would have been able to penetrate Gloire's armour at its weakest points on its gun deck. Although Gloire was easier to maneuvre and would have certainly been superior in squadren situations. But on a one-on-one battle, I would expect Warrior to have won - although it is all moot.


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