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I know it's me being an 'easy target market', being male, late 20s, into computers, expendable salary, etc. but I really do feel that a number of advertisements (mostly on TV) keep me up-to-date with... well... the sprit of the moment. Modern iconology, design, trend - a whole slew of cultural beacons, in fact. I know that's how I'm supposed to react to it - the whole brand psychology of applied advertising - but I think I'd be a lot less in-touch with 'the world' (whatever that really is) if I didn't see any advertising at all.

So much of our culture is TV driven (for good or bad), and that will stretch onto the Internet as it becomes more technologically viable. Whether we like it or not, we've invited it in, we are used to it, we are 'part' of it, we feed off each other.

Now, I must get to Gap so that I can buy all their latest stuff. smiley - winkeye


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For me the advertisements make sure my pocketbook stays in touch with the world smiley - winkeye i have two teenage daughters who pay very close attention to them and make sure that i know all about them smiley - bigeyes the advertisements make it neccessary for me to get up and go to work in the mornings for if i didn't and was unable to purchase what they were selling i feel i would be in danger from my teenagers.....those daggers that get thrown from their eyes when i say "now why would you need that?, what you have is just fine" can be quite dangerous smiley - winkeye
monsy smiley - fish


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Tom I.

In Norway, where I live, there is a law against advertising products for children in connection with tv shows intended for the same group. This has caused a few of our TV channel to broadcast from UK. They probably know about the enormous power of "the daggering look" you mentioned...


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goodness!, you must be joking!! i think that there is a law in our country stating that you must advertise directly to children during the broadcasts LOL!! or at least it seems that way to me smiley - winkeye
monsy smiley - fish


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There was a programme on TV the other day, which was saying that advertising junk food to children was ruining their health, and that it should be banned. The "orange" drink Sunny Delight is a great example of highly targeted advertising - and it is a totally awful sugar/flavourings product alluding to be real orange juice. Also the ad sucks bigtime.


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Sunny Delight is the worst awful stuff. They sell that over there? Sometimes I'm really surprised at what brands they try to transplant. Somehow, I don't see people actually drinking that stuff there. Well, I don't see them actually drinking it here, either. I mean, it sucks, but that's the power of advertising. And they advertise it to kids, basically, who I guess don't know any better.


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kats-eyes (psychically confirmed caffeine addict)

I wouldn't know about Sunny Delight, we're spared that one here smiley - winkeye -
but I realized recently, that almost everything running in cable tv saturday mornings is cheap trickfilm-series for kids, interspersed with ads solely for kids - barbie, toys, you name it, sweets were spare though (- sweet adverts run afternoon/early evening, to catch the mum before she goes shopping) - I nearly went bonkers, 4 hours high pitched voices, sunny smiles and the latest plastic rubbish one simply needs-to-have.... I pity every parent since then!


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To quote The Simpsons (badly):

Krusty: But what about my Chocobot Rangers range of products?
Lawyer: Oh please! That's barely legal as it is!

Yes - some advertisers will do what the law lets them do, irrespective of how it might affect society and the upbringing of children. As with just about any profession, there are those that care, and those that don't. I think we could learn a thing or two from Norway on this count!


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Kats, me, I pity those parents who are not able to keep up with educational needs or who just park their kiddies in front of the TV set on Saturdays instead of caring about them. Sometimes D and me are asking ourselves if WE aren´t normal or the other parents. It´s quite hard to fight against Zeitgeist and tell your kiddies WHY it´s not THAT perfect to watch as much TV and/or commercials as the other class- or kindergarten mates, but it´s worth going through it because you are able to take a chance of making creative individuals of them.
Hope you can convince yourself some day smiley - winkeye

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