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I think the more insidious side of marketing deserves a mention too, advertisers will do anything necessary to sell the product. E.g. doing their best to make women everywhere feel inadequate so that they can sell cosmetics or even surgery to them. After all its hard to sell people cosmetics if they feel that the look beautiful without them. A second example are the way adverts for headache remedies often have pulsing lights and sounds tailor made to give you a headache. Oh, and one more classic example of accentuating the positive, almost every chip shop in the land has a poster saying "chips are a great source of energy", which is of course another way of saying they are full of calories and do a great job of making you fat, but its funny how few people connect the words energy and calories.
OK, rant over but I think advertising deserves all the panning it gets.



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Decaf Silicon

I think America adores its advertisers much more than the UK. I speak only from American experience and second-hand viewing of UK opinions, tho'.

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