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Winkle's Wedding

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Sounds similar to a game my family used to play called "Winkle's Wedding". I don't know whether it was invented by my family. Anyway, it was an account of a fictional wedding, but with blanks, like Madlibs. However, rather than having people supply random words, all the blanks were in fact singular nouns, and were written on a pack of cards, which were shuffled. The person narrating would pause at each blank and the others would take it in turns to read out a random card.

You'd end up with stuff like this:
"She was sure to look as lovely as a SCOUT HUT in her white lace ROLLS ROYCE"

It probably wasn't as funny as Madlibs, but when we were kids we used to wet ourselves laughing at it (not literally though!)

The story goes:
"The sun was shining brightly on the day that Mr. Herbert Winkle was to be married..."
Anyone else heard of it?

Winkle's Wedding

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Researcher 198289

Hello! I have just bought an edition of this game from the 1950's for a friend's wedding present- great to read your memories- thankyou.

Winkle's Wedding

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