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two shots are all you get

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Researcher 178359

A 'venti' has only two shots of expresso, it just has more liquid in it, in a sense its a diluted 'grande'. To get a three shot espresso drink you can order a 'grande' and add a shot!

The possibilty of three...

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Perfectly Normal

Iced Venti drinks typically come with three shots. Americanos are an excpetion to this, boasting four shots for an iced Venti. Incidently, Starbucks doens't serve Cafe Au Laits but rather Mistos (Misto being Italian for Cafe Au Lait).

two shots are all you get

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Can tell you all have been Barista trained. Are you Coffee Masters? Do you have a black apron?

I'd just like to remind you that there are no religous brewing methods used in Starbucks, you can't order a 'Christian' coffee. Cappuccino's are more likely to be religious, at least they're named after an order of monks.

And, before anyone gets on a Starbucks Fairtrade high horse please check your facts and read the CSR report on the website. www.starbucks.com

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