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Discotheques in the North of Norway

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Under the heading NARVIK TODAY about Narvik in Norway you could read: "Today, Narvik ... is reputedly the northernmost town in the world with a discotheque."

This is not quite right...

In the three northern countys Nordland, Troms and Finnmark there are several towns with somewhat usefull discotheques. In the biggest town in the North of Norway, Tromsø, with close to 60.000 inhabitants, you will find several disco's. Some of them with some quality too, with renowed DJ's. Tromsø is about 250 kilometres north of Narvik.

Further north in Finnmark and Lappland: They are not overrepresented with cool disco's. But a couple of more bissare examples are "Alibiet" (Eng. "The Alibi") in the small town of Lakselv, and "Pernille" in Alta. They can be compared with the stunning experience off travelling with the ferrys from Norway to Denmark and their disco's onboard. Jampacked with overdrunk people (read norwegians) listening to bad swedish or polish dance music. You should almost try too visit them... smiley - smiley

In Nordland and the town Mo in Rana you will find the biggest disco in the north of Norway, "Ramona". The staff are renowed for making brillinat drinks... Thats the only pluss. Bodø can also brag about a couple of discotheques, but they are not very interesting...

Soo my recomandation would be: If you are looking for a dull break in your travels - Try the discotheque-tour in Norway!! smiley - smiley

-Researcher 200168, Bodø, Norway

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Discotheques in the North of Norway

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