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Sir Gawain deserves better!

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It's strange how far Sir Gawain has fallen from his place as Camelot's "perfect, gentle knight" and this article is proof of the modern bias against him. For example, the writer states, "Unwillingly, he [Gawain] dresses in his armour. . . . reluctantly leaves Camelot . . ."

But that is simply not so. Gawain may be aware that time is speeding by, but nowhere does the poet tell us that he is either unwilling or reluctant to keep his given word. When it is time to go, the court weeps to see him leave, but Gawain only replies:

'Why should I tarry?' and smiled/with tranquil eye/ 'In destinies sad or merry/True men can but try"

Where is the reluctance there? The unwillingness?

Bah. Sir Gawain deserves better.

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Sir Gawain deserves better!

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