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when was Tutankhamun's tomb built

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im doing a school assessment and i need to know when Tutankhamun's tomb was built smiley - smiley thank it would be great if you could answer my question thank u

when was Tutankhamun's tomb built

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smiley - biggrin i really need to know when it was built smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - smileysmiley - smiley thank you greatmillsie

when was Tutankhamun's tomb built

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Rev Nick { Only the dead are without fear }

Please excuse me, as I don't actually belong in this corner.

The Lady that wrote the article is very probably asleep, and perhaps even away for the week-end. At a gathering of h2g2 people, in London. Please be assured that she will reply as soon as she is again on-line. She really is very good at keeping up with such things.

smiley - cheers

when was Tutankhamun's tomb built

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thank you
smiley - biggrin

when was Tutankhamun's tomb built

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Rev Nick { Only the dead are without fear }

You are certainly welcome. I do hope that you enjoy your time around h2g2. smiley - smiley

when was Tutankhamun's tomb built

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hello greatmillsie (and thank you Rev Nick)smiley - ok

This is actually a very difficult question to answer as we just don't know for sure, and also the calendars that we use are different from those in Ancient Egyptian times. So I can only assume your questionnaire would like a "best guess" answersmiley - biggrin

We don't know for sure who his parents were, but we think he was the son of the Pharaoh and a "lesser" wife (one of his harem, not the Queen)
Tutankhamun was born approx 1342 BC
His father Akenhaten died when Tutankhamun was 9 and his regent ruled for him. Usually Egyptian pharaoahs' tombs commence being built when they assume the throne, but this might not have been the case in view that he was a child. He ruled until he was about 19 or 20 at the most, when he was killed (with no descendants to inherit the throne) his grandfather Ay took over. So it's possible the tomb that Tutankhamun was buried in was not even destined to be his, it could have been constructed for Ay and used for Tutankhamun due to his early demise.

The Egyptians sometimes utilised old tombs which had been ransacked after burial (it saved a lot of digging)smiley - winkeye

So, my best guess would be: c 1327 BC or any year before that smiley - biggrin

If you are interested in Tutankhamun I wrote a more recent Entry about the famous death mask and the current exhibition in the US:

smiley - goodluckwith your assessment!

Galaxy Babe

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