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DCI and other field bands.

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Bob Garraputo

While DCI corps are the greatest on earth, let's discuss field bands as a general topic...

Field Bands deserve much more honor and praise than they get. Why?

1) They prove every week (DCI every few days) in front of a large group, that they can "walk and chew gum"

2) They combine two art forms - music and formation marching

3) Effort necessary to make a great show is shown by the formula

Effort = e ^ greatness of show

(it is rumored that DCI corps do not sleep... High school bands do not need to...)
Therefore, it is obvious how well these bands really are

4) no paycheck

5) try wearing a sheep for a hot summer(August) night.

My thanks to every field band in existance, and every marcher.

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DCI and other field bands.

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