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i have been living for a few months in hicksville, ohio. it is truly not a very exciting place to live, but i think i have experienced rural life in america!
to say something about the hicksville aces: if you are not part of the community (or the hicksville high school), you might not feel strongly about the team. but people from the school generally strongly support their teams ("go aces, go, go aces, go, go!"). and i have to say that the hicksville football team was pretty good this year: they even made it to the playoffs! if you get the chance to visit hicksville, try to visit the county fair (as mentioned in the test) and try to visit the football games in fall/autumn. particularly the home games are very popular and a lot of "school spirit" can be felt. another fun thing to do is watching the sports parad in september: the students decorate their cars and wagons, one of them last year was decorated with the banner "proud mums of hicksville high school athletes!"
surely enough, hicksville is not the most exciting plac in the u.s.
but those who want to get a true picture of rural Americana should take their chance and visit Hicksville!
oh, and those who are interested in the religious group of the amish should not be surprised to slow down on the roads because of amish in horse waggons in front of them!

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hicksville, ohio

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