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Steve K.

"They seemed intent on turning even the smallest incident into a fight ..."

The Hatfields & McCoys have become the Democrats & Republicans - from a few years ago:

"Congress put aside weighty matters of state -- the budget, Iraq, the Asian financial crisis -- to name the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport ... Democrats and Republicans wished Reagan the best, but only after a bruising battle over the airport. ... As sweet as the victory was for Republicans, it was a bitter loss for some Democrats who tried to block the bill. They saw the proposal as a blatant political act by Republicans."

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And these are the people running the country ... I'm betting on China ... smiley - headhurts

US Political Discourse

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

Note also the predilection for suing your rivals in court. It has been said that Americans use their fists when they have the upper hand and the law when they don't. This is clearly ingrained in our culture.

US Political Discourse

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Steve K.

Reminds me of US Republican Rep. Tom Delay's current "unpleasantness" with the Travis County (Texas - home of the state capital Austin) District Attorney. Mr. Delay ("The Hammer") has used his figurative fists for decades in the political arena.

Now, indicted by a grand jury for felony money laundering, Mr. Delay has retained a high profile (read "expensive") lawyer to counterattack, rather than defend. So far, the DA has been accused of Democrat partisanship, and the judge has been asked to recuse himself for the same reason. Oh, and a move for a new venue since Travis County is suspected of having Democrats living there ... Apparently a "fair" trial would include Antonin Scalia as judge and the Bush Cabinet as jury (now that Colin Powell is gone).

"If the law is on your side, beat on the law. If the facts are on your side, beat on the facts. If neither is on your side, beat on the table." Mr. Delay's table is gonna need a new finish, I think ...

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