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Why does it feel like a Sunday?

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I have no idea why but I'm having trouble keeping up the days. When I wake in the morning I look at my diary, check the day and by 10am I've think I'm at least 5 days ahead of myself. I wouldn't be so worried but I rapidly losing my life like this. Its not just a poor memory because I don't forget other things - just what day it is. Is this bizarre? Has anyone else got a similar problem to this? Please reassure me that I'm not mad smiley - smiley

Why does it feel like a Sunday?

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Wear a watch that displays the date and frequently check it, that will help you to feel a bit more ordered- constant reminder. It's odd though- there is only one lunch break per day, so wouldn't you remember whether you have had one or five? Does it feel to you like you black out, for instance, and are then convinced it is the next day? How does it work- you just get involved in a task and then what?

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Why does it feel like a Sunday?

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