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Hang about! Far be it from me to sour the special relationship, especially in the interesting times we're currently living in, but someone is mixing up Kilroy with Chad. Chad is the little guy peering over the wall and Kilroy the ubiquitous in my experience exists independently of any illustration - often on the walls in Gents' toilets. (A fond refinement was 'Halleluiah! Jump for joy! I was here before Kilroy!) I believe Chad dates back to World War 1 and is British in origin. In WW2, and after - during the post-war austerity shortages resulting from the sudden cessation of lend-lease while the Americans decided to spend Marshall plan money instead on European states threatening to go communist - Chad was seen on walls everywhere with the phrase 'Wot, no meat/ ciggies/ milk/ etc?' chalked underneath. The charming story about Adolph's ordering a search-and-destroy on rhyming Kilroy is almost certainly apocryphal.

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Kilroy's nationality

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