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Why don't we dó it in the road?!

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Imagine "La Mancha", Spain, 1991.
On holiday with my Dutch girlfriend.
We both the same age, about 40 years.

After first being alone for a few weeks in the Spanish Pyrenees (Lerida and Vall d'Ager) we would meet in Valencia.

First I went on my own to the harbour of Valencia because of some very impressive memories that I have (from roaming Spain, especially Valencia) and I had not been there ever since.
Most things I could hardly recollect there, but a small fountain -where I used to brush my teeth - yes, I díd remember that.

In the street a couple that pulled an old barrow,loaded with old cardboard, passed by. I went straight to the woman and gave her a banknote of Peseta's and she - by reflex - turned it over immediately to her husband. They both laughed and after twenty meters she turned her head to look at me for a second.
Now I felt free to leave the harbour and took the bus to a hotel at the border of Valencia where I would meet my Dutch girlfriend. And we did.

The next morning we left for "La Mancha".
It is very hard to describe this huge wide and open landscape of dark red earth , very low hills and white windmills. When I saw this, one of the roots of my deep love for Spain was born.
The beautifull colour of the earth, where the Terra Cotta colours come from.
A countryside, so wide open, so huge.
A silence, so calm and dominant. Nothing to hear, not any person, not any car, although we could see a brand new road.
La Mancha to me is the inside out of the heart of Mother Earth. I can't describe it any closer to my experience. If it would have been healthy, I would have loved to eat that dark red soil. La Mancha.

After many hours of walking in that place of calm and wideness we reached a brand new road of asphalt. In the passed few hours I'd just seen óne car passing by.
We had to cross it to continue our walk and while we crossed it, my girlfriend suddenly said; "why don't we dó it in the road!?".
"Yes, why not?!" I enthousiasticly replied.

And so we did "it" in the road.
In the middle of La Mancha.
In the middle of the Day.

Nice memory.

(I would never give it the bureaucratic name "ALfresco Sex".
Sounds very bourgeois to me. I couldn't get an erection with that word in mind!)

(But hót, making love above asphalt! This is a medical warning!)

Alfredo, Amsterdam, september 2002

Why don't we dó it in the road?!

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Martin Harper

Hot? Did you get sun burn or asphalt burn? smiley - bigeyes

Why don't we dó it in the road?!

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It was like burning ínside because of eros,
and burning óutside because of heat.

But the road to an orgasm doesn't need to be easy.
In the end, you forget everyting, except the satisfaction.
And suffering can be sexy too.....

Why don't we dó it in the road?!

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Why don't we dó it in the road?!

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Nick Pettefar

I was a year in Dundee, Scotland, on a software contract with a large American maker of ATMs. I rented a farmhouse above the city by a small village. The road past our house went to two other houses and a farm - sometimes we would get all the cows in our garden. The house came with two chainsaws to chop the wood for the central heating furnace in the lounge and a stream (burn) which I had to build a bridge over to get to the other side of the garden. One evening we just went outside and in the middle of the road had nice slow sex. I have had outdoor sex in a number of places before and since and always enjoyed it. It is always a balance between keeping an eye out for other people and losing yourself in the sex, but so far the sex always wins. 69 in the back garden in the summer is always delicious.


Why don't we dó it in the road?!

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"69 in the back garden in the summer is always delicious".

Yes, sometimes life can be beautiful smiley - smiley

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