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Researcher 186411

SEX IN THE FRONT SEATS.......i went to the flix a few weeks back,and never mind the back row....watched a couple in the front row going at it....on the floor nobody could see them on the floor..in front of the seat when the film was showing...perfect

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Researcher 193600

was the film worth watching or were the antics of the couple worth watching? anyway how did they keep the grouns down? or do you think that grouns is a hollywood thing and the english do it quietly?


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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

Researcher 193600 ....

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Rip Cobalt, man of action

When you say front seat sex, i naturally think of that great American pastime: sex in the front of the bus. Travelling by Greyhound Bus Line, or "ridin' the dog" naturally lends itself to covering up with the felt airline type blanket they pass out and "doin'it". Soon enough, one ends up in expert mode: flashing attentive to detail passengers further back by letting the blanket fall and exposing ones actions to the big mirror over the driver.smiley - smooch


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I have myself attended a couple of Cinema's where there were people engauging in sexual activities. Not all were doing the deed, some where just doing themselfs a moment of pleasure. One would think men would do this in a good porno, but suprising enough I did see a couple of women doing it to themself, and not even in a porno. I have seen a couple or mixed couples do the deed in the back rows of the theater. Once saw a couple of women go at each other in the back rows. Total amount of times, probally 17 in the last 9 years over all.

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