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Pie Eaters

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Researcher 192933

I was surprised to read on the site the origin of the the term "Pie Eater " in reference to Wigan folk, I have never come across the strike breaking explanation. In this case I presume the author is either from Bolton or St Helens, please advise
Brian Cannon

Pie Eaters

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Researcher 192959

I t appaerntly is true that Wigan miners were the first to break in the general strike of 1926 and returned to work hence the "eating humble pie" reference coined by natives of Leigh who stuck it out.The historical antipathy between Wigan and Leigh can betraced back to the English Civil War when Leigh along with Bolton were for the Parliment and Wigan was very much in the Royalist camp. Since 1974 when the Conservative Government merged the two towns into one metropolitan authority the antagonism has been more pronounced. As an N.H.S. trade union rep who attended all the public meetings regarding the posible formation of an Leigh only P.C.T. I can attest that these feelings are still prevelant although only in Leigh. Atherton and Tyldesley seem quite ambivalent where as Wiganers look on the whole issue with mild amusemnet.

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