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I have had success without "dieting" or deprivation. I eat a lot of good food. I discovered that the following works for me.

Firstly I now drink at least 2 litres of water a day, every day. It takes a while to get used to this, but I keep a large water bottle on my desk and aim to drink it during the work day. I cut down on tea and coffee and drink water instead.

I eat ONLY fruit in the morning. 5 or 6 different fruits which I eat during the morning and afternoon.

I cut down on bread and cereals, which also means less fat and dairy.

I eat soups, vegetables, nuts and yogurt and fruit for lunch and occasionally a sandwich.

3 days a week I eat lots of stirfied veg and sauces, with a little chicken or fish. The other days I eat more or less whatever I like.

I do not watch portion sizes and so never have to be hungry.

At first I lost about a 500gms a week for about 3 months then this dropped to about 200gms a week for 3 months, then 100 gms, then 50 gms, etc.

My belt size came down about a notch a month and now a year later my weight has stablised slightly but is still reducing by a few gms a month

I love my new eating plan. The food is great. I have never been hungry of felt deprived. If I want to eat a treat like chocolate or cake, I do it, but not every day.

I believe that wheat and dairy products are my main problem. A year of less of them and much more fruit and veg and lots of water has made me lose 20 kgs and I feel I can live on this more balanced diet for ever!

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Fruit, Veg, Water

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