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Wot wuz all that abowt??

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I am a proud brummie, born and bred 26 years strong in this city and I like so many people are sick of the misrepresentation and nonesense and ignorance shown by people who evidently are not qualified to comment. The national media for one.

Fair play to ya (i am employing a bit of local slang in my text to keep up the theme, not because I can't write 'proper') for spending time to explore the connection and differences involved in our uniquities but please research a bit more. You're offending people and hurting pride without even intending it. We are sick of being mistaken for the Black Country and even sicker of being shown as the grey city full of morons. Look at our achievements.

How is it that people in London feel happy to tell the world we are a depressed, grey city, especially when they have never visited for themselves and experienced it???

I have recently had a visitor from London who is at university there who is from Portugal. He has lived in London for 6 years now. He came to visit me for one day with another friend, a girl from Cadiz in Spain. She didn't have any preconceptions, he however had been told by many people that Birmingham was a waste of time, depressing and ultimately a dump. How happy and impressed was he after his visit?! The same with the girl from Cadiz, both were very impressed and keen to see more and get to know more. To all you sceptics out there, taste and see... Don't be sheep and believe all you read or hear.

Also, I don't think my accent is that special but I am proud of it. It is my accent. And amazingly in the last 6 months alone I have had people in Puerto Rico, New York, Washington State, and all over mainland Spain, as well as Sweden and Finland tell me that they love my accent. I was a bit taken back by this but it goes to show, without diverse media or national attention, people can be left to decide for themselves...

ps we are the second largest city in the UK, so if you don't like us, we don't care. We are happy with who we are. And we represent where we come from and where we are going. To all the haters, whatever...

Wot wuz all that abowt??

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You had a decent point until you typed your last sentence (ps we are the second largest city in the UK, so if you don't like us, we don't care. We are happy with who we are. And we represent where we come from and where we are going. To all the haters, whatever...) which just made you sound very immature.
Unfortunately, I don't agree with what you say about Brum, it has many quite frightening places (before you say it, I am more than aware that there are more scary places in England but here and now we are talking Birmingham) and it does not appeal to a lot of people. It doesn't have a colourful feel to it the way places like Leeds/Newcastle/Liverpool seem to have therefore can seem to be "grey" and poorly looked after.
I won't offend you by slagging your accent (I used to talk with a broad Northen Scot accent so can hardly comment) but it is not one of the most attractive in England, and that is an undeniable comment. Although, there are definately worse accents!

Wot wuz all that abowt??

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Carl Ott

I am amused at how you criticise and then use the sterotypica Glaswegian spelling of Definately instead of as it should be DEFINITELY.

The only error the poster made was to state that Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK. It is in fact the largest City in the UK outside the Capital City [of England]smiley - smiley

Wot wuz all that abowt??

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Carl Ott

Oops sorry missed the past letter off stereotypical - well they say pride comes before a fall.smiley - blush

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