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What about Getzen?

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There is a company in the US that makes trumpets called "Getzen." They aren't well known, but they make relatively low priced trumpets (300-800 $ american) that are Just as sturdy as KING trumpets, and can be repaired less and FOR less. And on mouthpeices, I prefer a 1.25 C from a company call 'Blessing.' Back to mah tea. . .

What about Getzen?

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I own and play a Getzen eterna cornet and an eterna 4 valve flugel and I used to have an eterna trumpet. These are all fine horns, well made and top quality. I also repair brass and woodwind instruments and in my opinion you would go a long way to find a better horn.

What about Getzen?

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What about Getzen?

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I actually have a Getzen, an Eterna 700SP to be exact. It is a beautiful instrument. Getzen built its fame off of it's valves. They are nickle plated twice, and move like butter. I haven't had to oil them for almost a year. As for mouthpieces, when I play for a concert band, I use a 3c, but for jazz or marching band I use a Rudy Muck 13c which I really like. It's a 13c mouthpiece, but the rim is almost a centimeter thick, which makes it comfortable to play high notes for an extended period of time. Again, I highly recommend Getzen trumpets, if you have the means, get one.

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What about Getzen?

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