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The Full Wedgie (aka - the full melvin): Great for male bonding this one, the wedgier enlists the assistance of a fellow wedgier (people brought together for a common purpose; there's a Nobel prize here somewhere), together they approach the wedgie-e (he who receives the wedgie) from either side (the strategists amongst us refer to this as the pincer formation) and proceed to grab the front and back of said wedgie-e's underwear. The grabing of the underwear needs to be done with sufficient force to lift wedgie-e clear from the ground. If wedgiers are really wishing to cause maximum pain the wedgie-e can then be bounced upon the taut, and probably rather colourful by now, slither of underwear remaining between his legs.

Note: if wedgier is somewhat taller and heftier than wedgie-e this manouver can be carried out by a lone wedgier.

The Full Melvin

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Researcher 199682

I want that done to me!

The Full Melvin

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y does it hurt so bad?

The Full Melvin

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The Full Melvin

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That sound positivly great. I WANT one of those!!!smiley - biggrin

The Full Melvin

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ive had that happen 2 me MANY times b4 y would u want 1?smiley - erm

The Full Melvin

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I ant one soo badly!

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The Full Melvin

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