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Fascinating article on Sea gulls

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Very dear Galaxie babe.

Some kind p;erson directed me to your very excellent article on Sea gulls. It almost made me like them. !! In fact, once I got to thinking about them I have realised that Ihere are far less seagulls here this year 2009. than last year 2008.

On the other hand, it could be that I am much deafer and cannot hear them; the other alternative does not bear thiniing about and the one that I dread. !!

But you put an enormous amount of work into that article and as I said you nearly made me like them.

How on earth did you find all that information. I suppose I am asking a stupid question and your are a sea gull expert. Or an expert in avian "goings -on!!

Anyway I did find it very interesting, and although I do not know that I shall ever be able to love them, at least I regard them with much more interest now.

Go well,


Fascinating article on Sea gulls

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Hello Christiane!
What wonderful feedback, thank you so much.
This started out as an entry dissing the gulls, but the more I researched (and I am a Jill of all knowledge, an "expert" on nothing at all) the more I grew to like them too. Especially that cheeky chappie who brazenly waddles into the shop and pinches a bag of doritos!smiley - laugh

I just achieved the amazing pinnacle of 200 solo edited guide entries and so I'm taking a break from writing at the moment to recharge my batteries. In my journal this morning dear pailaway asked me what's my favourite entry I have written, and I am still thinking about that. But HE said his favourite of mine is the one on Cane Toads, which you may like. A12945017 This also is pure research, I've never even seen a Cane Toad (and I dare you to read this and not end up feeling sorry for the poor blighters) smiley - biggrin

smiley - hug

smiley - galaxysmiley - diva

Fascinating article on Sea gulls

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I have read the seagull article too. I like it very much, it is very interesting and it is made really really good, I couldn't stop reading, it wasn't boring like articles you can read in any newspapers and it is always understandable (I'm German). You're a great writer!!smiley - smiley

Fascinating article on Sea gulls

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

Thanks you very much, supersissi, it's very nice of you to comment and be appreciative smiley - smiley

This article is one of my favourites because I began by writing about their (bad) impact but ended up falling in love with them. Especially the Doritosmiley - thiefsmiley - laugh

Thanks againsmiley - cheerup

smiley - galaxysmiley - diva

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Fascinating article on Sea gulls

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