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Cows - to tip or not to tip

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But what's considered "proper"? 10%? 20%? The change left over?

..but if they put their thumbs in your soup - dont tip at all - it only encourages poor service next time you go to "Bovine Beefery"

Trust me on this one, people...

Cows - to tip or not to tip

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Sasquatch was taken by somebody else!

Since Sluggy Freelance seems to be a popular site on h2g2 (good for you people!!), I thought I'd add a link here to Pete's Cow Tipping comic:


Cows - to tip or not to tip

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Sorry to butt in on your conversation, but if
"Researcher Sasquatch"
would go back to there own page and then click on the "EDIT PAGE" button and then write a little something about your self then a ACE can come and welcome you there properly
Sorry for interrupting your conversation smiley - ok

Manda smiley - magic

Cows - to tip or not to tip

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I think this has gone far enough.Cow tipping started in 1982. And it was with a group of my friends and myself who were bored. Never in a million years did I think that this would turn out to be such a big thing. But imagine my shock when people started using a term called cow tipping which was something we had made up as kids when we needed to add some thrills to our boring little teen age lives!!!But I was just reading all these different opinions on if it can be done etc. It can be done and has been done but it takes at least 2 but better to have 4 of you to push the cow over and the whole Idea is catching the cow of guard.Since those years are now long gone and I and my friends have grown up, I just want to say where yes we may have started something we never expected to end up like this, find something better to do, where as now this will end you up in jail!!!!Thanks.

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