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Amir UAE

it may interest people to know that Wadi Rum was 1 of the locations used during the filming of the movie Laurence Of Arabia, this site was chosen because of historical accuracy, a short distance from Wadi Rum is a small village called Disa, in this village you will find the faces of Lawrence and the Sheik of the village carved in rock, this is an actual carving dating from the time of Lawrence and the events shown in the movie. one thing you will also find at Wadi Rum are what appear to be caveman type drawing's on some of the rocks that are found there....these however do not date back to even the time of Lawrence , they were painted on the rocks during the shooting of the movie, i suppose you could say the film producers would call it artistic license..........another interesting fact is that some of the plants that grow in the Wadi Rum area if picked and rubbed together in your hands whilst water is added become soap and you can actually wash with them, another fact is that the very red sand found in some area's of Wadi Rum is used by the bedouin as make up, it makes an excellent blusher for the ladies......should you chose to visit Wadi Rum or any of the many sites Jordan has to offer you will not be disappointed.....it is a truly beautiful country and at present is not spoiled by the crass Commercialism that tends to be found in most places of touristic interest around the world.
i hope you find this article of use.

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More Info On Wadi Rum

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