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Errors in Endnote 3

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In endnote 3 on the last page of the original article it states: “Christianity is actually … either tritheistic … or ditheistic … .” On the contrary, neither of these assertions are correct, in that neither of them form part of mainstream Christian doctrine or beliefs.

Tritheistic apparently refers to a belief in three gods, and ditheistic to a belief in two gods. But clearly Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Christians adhere to belief in a single Deity.

In the first place the writer is confusing the Christian idea of the Trinity, that is, three persons in one God, with tritheism which is not a Christian belief.

Secondly, the writer elevates Satan to equivalence with God, which again is not a Christian belief. Christians hold that Satan, like all else, is a creation of God.

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Errors in Endnote 3

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