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god=omnipotence projection

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God is a omnipotence projection,
retrojected through pseudo humble behaviour towards a allmighty daddy(mostly) figure,and weak ego inflating patronising finger pointing participation towards non believers.
The clergy's are bureaucracy who have as greatest concern the perpetuation of their own power structures through platonic division of humans from them self(soul/body hierarchy of values)weakening the individual who regains "worthiness" through obedient belonging to this special,doctrine,party,tribe,group,membership,union,sect....
Religion has nothing to do with spirituality,
the first are believe systems,the second experiences.
Atheism is the back coin of the pious zealot "believe system",
both favourite concepts about the own awareness.
Followers are never pathfinders,pathfinders never followers.
Jesus was never a Christian,Buddha never a Buddhist.
Religious doctrines are historical political power tools,long after the original experience,full of ad concepts,error full translations of early highly subjective story collections, mostly contradictory to the original spirit.Linear postponement instead of here&now perception and self acceptance.

Much courage to those listening to their inner flow interconnected with the all in all,instead of lazy complexity phobic mainstream pleasing.

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god=omnipotence projection

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