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New Philosophical proof of God's ex-ex-ex-sist-ence

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Hello, I'm another new person.
I just wanted to say that the "universal set" does not fit the "if any part of the set is removed it must affect the rest of the set."
I forget what post it was in, but it was somewhere.
Anyway, has anyone here heard of the concept called the "knowable universe"? It says that since light travels at a finite rate, and the universe is always expanding, in any given spot in the universe there is part of the universe that that part will never ever know about. For all we know, there could be a 100 google plex light year wide stratch of pure granite, due to a highly unprobable but perfectly possible effect of quantum mechanics.
PS: Something can be 50 % real. Also, nothing is 100 % real. Observe that poor cat that is constantly being gassed.

New Philosophical proof of God's existance

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I've not bothered to read everyone elses answers, simply because I don't want to get confused about what I'm about to say (I will however read it after this).

What you've just written can also be relevant to myself. According to this, humanity created itself. We have defined reality, we have become what we want to be. This article is as relevant to religion as a rock is to a boulder. Although it fits in, it might come from something else.

This doesn't define the existence of 'God'. It does however raise a very excellent theory that can be placed along sideother thoeries such as 'God', Evolution and the existence of quiche. But they can be also used to counteract themselves, thus reducing this theory to dust.

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New Philosophical proof of God's ex-ex-ex-sist-ence

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