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Dr Dan

The pop-up description of your image reads "bacteriophages infecting a virus". It should read "bacteriophages infecting a bacteria".
There are some great electron-micrographs of these little fellows. It would be nice to see them in person rather than as cartoons dressed up in fancy colours (pretty though they are).
A scale bar would be nice too.

Otherwise, a very interesting and captivating article.


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Salamander the Mugwump

Well, I'll be dipped in batter! So it does. Thanks Dr Dan. I'll have a word with the eds when I get time a bit later. Unfortunately, we researchers have no power over the images in our entries. We just write an article and the h2g2 artists may or may not create a picture to go with the piece. The pop up text for the image must be added by the artist or the editor I guess. If researchers do include images, the editors normally strip them out. It's a precaution - in case there might be some copyright issue.

Glad you liked the article.

Sal smiley - smiley

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