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Dave DeRock

As a Star Trek fan, the table at the end of your article is interesting.
The whole plot of "Star Trek the Motion Picture" was that Voyager had reached a planet populated by machines & had been converted into a semi-sentient super satellite & sent back to Earth, on a mission to find its creator - all in a couple of hundred years! When in reality, in a couple of hundred years, Voyager will still be (cosmologically speaking) in our back yard.
I suppose that it just goes to prove that you don't have to pass a test to have an artistic licensesmiley - smiley

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Researcher 199945

If I remember correctly, in that movie towards the end, the captain stated that voyager 6 would have had to pass through a wormhole to get to the other side of the universe where the machine planet was

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I remeber that in one of the StarTrek films, bored and trigger-happy Klingons trashed a Voyager for target practice, taking it to be space junk?

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