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units of temperature

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Dark Mavis

I was under the impression that three units of temperature were used 'on the street'

degrees farenheit
degrees centigrade

That is to say, the following units DO NOT exist

degrees celsius

And I may be a pedant, but it really annoys me when people use non-existent units, or no units at all. Especially when it is a weather forecaster. Especially when it is a BBC weather forecaster, who are meant to be trained scientists, meteorologists, working for the MET office. If they get it wrong how can we expect mere mortals to get it right!

units of temperature

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Please have a look at http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A471476

units of temperature

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Oh, sorry, I thought this was a thread for another article ... this link doesn't make sense of course. On the other hand, I think the article says everything concerning this: Fahrenheit and Celsius have a degree in front of them, centigrate probably too, but I doubt that there is an official rule about it. However, nobody is killed if it's omitted. It's only important when the unit symbol is used.

units of temperature

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Pete, never to have a time-specific nick again (Keeper of Disambiguating Semicolons) - Born in the Year of the Lab Rat

Centigrade and Celsius are interchangeable. Both are always used with the word 'degree' and the degree sign.

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