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Aurora (Muse au Chocolat; Muse of Fancy Footwear and Seraph of High Heels)

"Presented with a reflection a Termagant will suffer the side-effects of its own gaze."

This is not completely true! At least in the later version of the book (I've never had a chance to read the original book - maybe the scene is different there...) the Termagant doesn't turn to stone itself - it dies of a broken heart!
See, the Termagant has been lonely for centuries. It just wants to have company but every other creature it encounteres at once turns "cold and stiff".
When the termagant sees its own reflection, for the first time it sees another living creature. It starts to cry and then dies - out of frustration, of loneliness.
This scene has always moved me very much. And I think it fits - the usual "turns to stone by its own reflection" is just to simple for Pratchett.!

I love this book! Although and at the same time because it's not a typical Pratchett book! smiley - winkeye

If anybody knows where I can get the original (1971) edition PLEASE let me know. I'd love to know which parts Pratchett edited in the later edition.
I liked what he wrote about editing his own book! It's something along the lines of: "back than I thought Fantasy was all about kings and wars but now I think fantasy is about avoiding wars and living without kings". smiley - smiley

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