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The other 'primitive' reason

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Martin Harper

Was that people got smacked round the head by nasty things, and had stuff embedded in their skulls. So you trepan to try and get out the splinter of whatever without killing them.

Made sense to me...

The other 'primitive' reason

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I would think that this was a rare event rather than the rule. Trepanation was a technique for relieving discomfort and pain, rather than a primitive form of brain surgery!

The other 'primitive' reason

Post 3

Martin Harper

Well, I only know from reading New Scientist - but the people the quoted *in general* there seemed to be of the opinion that splinters embedded in the skull were the primary reason - incidentally, it'd be skull surgery not brain surgery... smiley - smiley

Makes sense to me - I can't see ancient man going to all that trouble just to get rid of a headache - whereas somebody's life being in danger sounds a more plausible reason - in general. *shrug*

Anyway - if the scientists don't agree yet there's little point us arguing it out - but come the time for this entry to be updated, it'd be nice to add a little something. smiley - smiley

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