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Got the chance to see some Blue Mountain plantations a few weeks ago (I'm even drinking some right now smiley - smiley ) so, while I can still remember, here's a few more bits of random info about this gorgeous coffee:

Only coffee grown above a certain altitude on the mountain can be classed as 'Blue Mountain Coffee'. Coffee grown on the lower slopes is called either High Mountain or Low Land.

The majority of the coffee by far is exported to Japan who pay upwards of $15 a cup for the stuff (so I'm told).

The Blue Mountain beans have a lower caffine content to most, contributing to their smooth flavour. (Does mean that it's not the best choice for those all-night coding sessions, but you can drink it in the evening without staying up all night!)

If you do go out to Jamaica, the Jablum coffee factory is the main one on the island and does tours. Alternatively, if you'd rather go to a (much!) smaller operation, Tropical Tours do trips stopping off at Rasta Dennis' coffee plantation. This is basically a couple of hectares in his back yard where they grow and roast coffee in house. Don't expect the usual tourist trappings (the bus stops by what looks like a building site and you're led down a slope into the kitchen for a tasting!) but the coffee is lovely and at $6 US a pound is a bargain too. You also get the chance to watch beans being hand roasted over an open fire which gives it a lovely smokey taste when you drink it.

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Blue Mountain info

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