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Is mise Duncan

Assembly language is an absolute PITA to maintain. Give me a decent OO HLL any day.

Often the comments (if there are any at all) are along the lines of what you have "Add 1 to register".

Imagine trying to debug that kind of program...


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Comments are as important as the code whatever language you are using, especially if someone else has to maintain it or if you have to refer to it years later.

I had the misfortune to see the, Microsoft written, source code they contributed to IBM's OS/2 operating system. In 20,000 lines of code there was just one comment: "weird shit". Says it all really!

On the subject of various languages, try writing a "Hello World" program in each to run under PCDOS. Then compare program sizes. Try the same, but to run under windoze. Finally, what is the smallest program, in bytes - not source code, that can be written to display "Hello World" on a PC monitor?

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