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European Phantom Hounds are GOOD!!!!

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I'm writing (or typing, whatever) this because I feel quite upset with the h2g2's information about the Phantom Hounds of Europe. Allow me to show you the light. The 'Black Dogs' of Europe are guardians & warners, not monstrous, demonic killers! They guide & protect lonely travellers, & bring grim warnings of the death of relatives. THEY AREN'T KILLERS!! I also want to clear something out about the story of the man on horse-carriage & the dog he stopped to pat. Did he really die? Or didn't the dog purposely called the man down from the carriage to SAVE him from a fiery death? & the part about bringing death upon a family. A Black Dog only appears to a human either to protect him/her or to tell them that someone in the family will pass away. They don't kill innocents! One protected by a Black Dog will have s strong sense of protection & relaxation. I would also like to share a TRUE story I collected from the archives of the CSL (Cryptozoological Society of London). Read on:

[A man was travelling alone when he realised that a dog was walking next to him. He was about to chase it away but stopped after seeing it size. So he just kept walking till he reached a bar, at which he realised that the dog had vanished.

Sometime later in the bar he overheard a conversation from a group of people who had tried to rob someone. After much listening, the man realised that their target was him....but the thieves decided not to after seeing the size of his dog.]

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European Phantom Hounds are GOOD!!!!

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