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Brixton Academy, London, UK

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The Brixton Academy is in Brixton, South London, UK and can be found by walking left out of Brixton tube station1. Exiting the tube and heading away from the railway bridge, you should see the Academy about five minutes down the road. The building is quite large - it has a capacity of around five to six thousand. The Academy is well known for being a truly great venue to watch bands of all kinds and its very ornate interior contributes to the overall ambience of the place.

The main concert floor slopes down towards the stage and there is a helpful barrier half way down to stop you slipping. The building also has a balcony with those wonderful flip up seats. The beer is reasonably priced and served from a pump in to nice, safe plastic glasses. The sound quality is reasonable but can echo a bit towards the back if you are on the ground floor. The Academy at Brixton is reminiscent of a cinema - but one without a screen. A great venue, many excellent bands have performed here, including seminal rock band Jane's Addiction, who played their last ever UK gig at the Academy.

1Brixton Tube is on the Victoria Line on the London Underground.

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