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Toxic Shock Syndrome

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The entry dated 22 August is very good. I'm amazed that the comments made were very precise and technical. My angle is more about the real people who are affected by tampon-related toxic Shock Syndrome.
The symptoms are well documented, but it is vital to say that they don't all necessarily appear, nor in any particular order, and they may not persist. It is not unusual for TSS victim to become ill, eg headache, vomiting and diarrhoea on several days for a couple of hours and then recover. Also the particular "diziness and light-headedness" can be "confusion" almost halucinating, eg monsters under the bed! Some TSS sufferers have had a "strawberry-like" tongue.
The danger with tampons is that they contain RAYON. There appears to be a "reaction" between Staph aureus and rayon to produce TSS-T1. This can happen within 2 hours, so prompt hospitalisation is vital. A research paper sponsored by Tambrands (Parsonnet)concluded that using a tampon up to 13 hours was safe, BUT is was important to ALTERNATE tampons with other forms of sanitary protection. The main risk factor is ABSORBENCY - the higher the absorbency, the higher the risk. Rayon is high.
For more info see www.tamponalert.org.uk

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Toxic Shock Syndrome

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