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The Olde Tyme Delicatessen, Jackson, Mississippi, USA

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One of the best buy/best quality restaurants around Jackson is called Olde Tyme Delicatessen. It's located just off I-55 at the Northside East exit. As a matter of fact, when taking that exit, you will see the deli at the stoplight. It's a small, family-owned and operated, semi-kosher deli. It's run by a nice olde Jewish man who is smart enough not to limit the menu only to dishes including matzo balls. You can find all sorts of sandwiches (some with pork!1), soups, salads, and baked potatoes.

The Louisiana gumbo2 is highly recommended. It is, quite possibly, the best recipe for gumbo ever found. This recommendation comes from a native of East Feliciana Parish, LA, so they must know a bit about Louisiana fare. More than just a lot of black pepper, this dish is full of spices and fluffy rice that is never burnt.

Olde Tyme also contains an excellent bakery. Try the shoe soles - they're wonderful. While you're waiting to be rung up, wander around the grocery section and you'll find imported delicacies from all over the world. Marzipan from Morocco, olives from Greece and Spain, vanilla beans and other flavourings from South America, and much, much more.

The final crowning glory of this place is the music. Several nights a week local musicians come and play for the dining elite. Music ranges from jazz to bluegrass to Celtic. The schedule is not set in stone, so call ahead to find out when the music begins.

1Not so kosher then...2Gumbo is a traditional Southern American soup of chicken or seafood, thickened with okra or rice.

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