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Lord Lopper

Wasn't there also a Monty Python "bok" or book.

Also aren't boks some sort of antelope - as in Springbok.

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It was The Monty Python Papperbok, if I remember rightly.

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You are right - I think bok is the africaans world for deer / antelope. So you get Springbok and Gembok etc

Funnily enough the term for endearment for a girl is bokkie - mean little deer.

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There was also a monster in Doctor Who called the Bok.
I think.

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Klaxon the ever optimisticured

bok is the afrikaans word for goat as well as the tail end of the names for various other deer and antelope e.g. springbok, bontebok etc.

"bok-bok" [also South African in origin] is a game played when groups of rowdy males get together and have become somewhat inebriated. [no-one would do this sober or otherwise in their right minds]. It goes like this :

Six or seven blokes form sort of half a rugby scrum at one end of a room by linking arms and crouching down. The remainder of the great inebriated launch themselves one at a time from the other end of the room and take a flying leap on to the scrum, the idea being to collapse it.

The game was very popular in the military during WW2.

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The Apprentice

The Bok entry refers to specific instances of the singular term 'Bok' (or an acronym, but still a singular word - B.O.K.).

The papperbok was a spelling mistake.

The springbok, etc. uses 'bok' (the Dutch for 'goat') as part of the word.

Even bok-bok is not a singular 'bok'.

I will, however, look up the Doctor Who mention.

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Merlin The Time Traveller

Bok is an a gargoyle given life in the Doctor Who story "The Daemons".

He is the subject of the famous line "Chap with wings. Five rounds rapid."

Jon Pertwee (who played the Doctor at the time) kept Bok and used him as a lawn ornament.

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I didn't know about the Doctor keeping it as a lawn ornament!smiley - smiley

And while we're on famous boks in fiction....

Post 9

Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

How can anyone have overlooked the legendary sound effect that accompanies the delivery of a rather tasty headbutt from the Mean Machine, one of Judge Dredd's older and more enduring foes?

And for those of you that haven't seen it in print, imagine this:

Big psycho guy with one arm amputated, one arm replaced with a big robotic prosthesis, a metal spine, metal skull, and a handy dial on his forehead that is used to select his mood (ranging from mean and surly through to vicious and beyond), and a penchant for cranial assaults.

And then imagine him lightly nutting some innocent bystander, who typically flies out of frame with a rather large BOK! for audio effect....

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