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Huw B

Due to rarely being united or self-ruling in its history of some 1500 years, Wales has no OFFICIAL national day of any kind! At the present time any official day would have to be declared by the UK parliament (NOT the Welsh National Assembly) in which the Welsh are only some 5% of the members.

March 1st/Mawrth 1af - St David's Day/Dydd Gwyl Dewi

The day that Wales's patron saint died sometime after 600 AD (and also supposedly the day of his birth).
It is traditional to hold eisteddfodau on this day, especially in schools. Local government bodies also mark the day, some by giving their staff the day off. People often wear either of Wales's 'plant' synbols, the daffodil or - usually if they're young males who like a distinct odour! - the leek. Excess drinking to celebrate the day does occur but is not common. The Welsh 'Red Dragon' flag is prominent around Wales on this day.
A number of territories around the World (including Texas) mark this day.

September 16th/Medi 16fed - Glyndwr's Day/Dydd Glyndwr

The day in 1600 that Owain Glyndwr was proclaimed ruler of Wales in front of emissaries from Scotland, France and Castille. It occurred towards the beginning of his war of independence which lasted a little over a decade.
Despite growing calls, it is not an official celebration. Few celebrations occur.

December 11th/Rhagfyr 11fed - Llywelyn's Day/Dydd Llywelyn

The day that Wales's last indigineous prince was killed in 1282.
Not official, few commemorations.


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Huw B

16/9/1400 was when Owain Glyndwr declared himself Prince of Wales; he was not crowned in front of foreing emissaries until 1404.

Also, I failed to mention Dydd Santes Dwynwen/Saint Dwynwen's Day which is on the 25th of January. She is the Welsh equivalent of St. Valentine and her day is a day for lovers.


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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

More errata:
"The day in 1600 that Owain Glyndwr declared himself Prince of Wales. In 1404 he later was"

um... can we have a consensus on centuries please?


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Huw B

Woops! I was thinking of the 600th anniversary! The correct years are 1400 and 1404.


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I think that was actually my fault! Sorry; it's fixed nowsmiley - smiley

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