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Ron Black's Dawson Lounge, Dawson Street, Dublin, Ireland

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At just 30 square feet of public floorspace, not including the loos, Ron Black's Dawson Lounge on Dawson Street is Dublin's smallest pub. As you might expect, the atmosphere is very close, more like a friendly rush-hour tube1 carriage than a pub.

The Guinness served is a good pint, and at IRĀ£2.45 is quite reasonably-priced for a city-centre pub and the craic2 is excellent.

Astonishingly, given the pub's size, there is even live music on occasion. The last time our Researcher visited, a three-piece jazz band was playing. This left the patrons with about 15-square-feet of space.

The loos, as with most public toilets in Dublin, are best avoided.

1Subway train, metro or underground railway system.2Craic is a term meaning 'enjoyable atmosphere' and 'splendid conversation'.

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