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Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Mu Beta

Nigh on genius! Well done. smiley - cheers


Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Rik Bailey

I think chicken f**n was first mentioned in preacher, with the line 'came the day TJ f***ed a chicken.

Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Good article smiley - ok

I haven't watched South Park regularly since series three (and I missed who Cartman's dad was in Series 2 smiley - sadface so I'm glad to finally know smiley - laugh).
I ahve watched quite a few recently though as it's on Paramount in the UK now.

My favourite I've seen on there was the 'Mr Jefferson episode' where a black (no wait, he's white) rich guy moves into town so the police immediately try to frame him for child molestation. They get very confused when they find he's white.
Of course, his house has a fairground which Cartman loves and his own sun has to wear a mask.

This was very funny and some of the most cutting satire of american life I've seen. Quite a complex message too as both the cops and 'Mr jefferson' came out of it badly.

Long may Southpark continue,

Which reminds me, I still haven't seen Team america: World Police. smiley - run

Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Watch it! It's awesome.....

America - F**K YEAH!!
smiley - cheers

Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Mu Beta

smiley - yikes

Watch your language please. Even if Cartman doesn't smiley - winkeye


Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Can't help wondering if the characters "Terrance and Philipp" were influenced by Rik Mayall and Ade Edmonson in "Bottom".... has that appalingly funny bad-taste fart-gag laden series ever screened in the USA?

Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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GodBen (The Magical Astronomer) - 00000011

I write an entry on South Park and the first conversation started has a swear word in the title. Typical. smiley - winkeye

Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Baron Grim

Well since this thread is already tainted with profanity... smiley - winkeye

Ok... I used to know the original thing Kenny says in the opening title song.......

Ok... I was going to say I knew what Kenny said in the first few seasons and the second few seasons but didn't know what he was saying now in the opening songs... But I just did a quick google to remind me of what he was saying in the first two seasons and found all three things he has said.

So... if you've been wondering, here is what Kenny has said as each show begins (In wonderful asteriskvision):

Seasons 1-2: "I like women with big v*g*n*s, I'm also a fan of big fat t*tt**s!"

Seasons 3-5: "I have got a 10 inch p*n*s, open your mouth if you'd like to clean it."

Seasons 6-current: "Took a while, but hear me talking? S**k my d**k and s**k it fast."

Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Has now seen Team America, f**k yeah! smiley - biggrin

I just loved the moral message of the movie.

...a pussy is just an inch and a half from an asshole, but we all know thad dicks f**k assholes... smiley - laugh

Dude. You f****d a chicken?

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Baron Grim

I just couldn't get into Team America... I think it was relying too much on the idea that scatalogical humour coming from marionettes would be funny by itself. And to many people it is... But a lot of the humour I've already seen on South Park and just having puppets say it doesn't make it newly funny to me. The Montage song was a prime example of recycled humour in TA. It had its moments for me, but mostly, I was bored.

It was better then their abortive attempt at humour at W's expense with their short lived series "That's My Bush". That was unwatchable and I can't stand the president. It tried to satirise the heavy handed style and lame humour of 1970's US sitcoms like Three's Company (our rip off of Man About the House). Unfortunately it did too well of a job of it and was more heavy handed but without the humour.

So lets see, most of the time Matt and Trey are hilarious. South Park, great. SP movie, great. Orgasmo, brilliant. Basketball, pretty darn funny. Team America, ahh so-so kinda tired. That's My Bush, pure cack.

4 out of 6 isn't bad so far. (I sometimes wonder if That's My Bush wasn't their little in joke on the network that paid for it.)

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