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Romper Stomper

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The Iron Maiden

Anyone seen this film? 'kin great. Very sad, very thought-provoking. Drives the point home that fighting for your race requires 100% commitment and inevitably means you will never be able to lead a 'normal' life again. It also highlights that if our survival is in the hands of these kind of people, we're pretty much up the spout already! Great fight scene, though that blonde girl did my head in so much.

Romper Stomper

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romper stomper is 1 ov da best skin films eva it is inspireing

skins 4eva

Romper Stomper

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i own that movie and i tyhink its awsome. i love the music and the fights.russel crow is awsome in it.

Romper Stomper

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Bobaah - MxLxHxC

This film is insanely racist, i agree it is an excellent film, but it should not inspire anyone to be racist at all, if anything it should do the opposite, if you are inspired by the racism in this film then you are as stupid and narrow-minded as the 'skins' portrayed.

Oh and by the way Skins were not about 'fighting for the white race' they were more about fighting for the working class.

Romper Stomper

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i've been a skin for many years now,Sorry but romper stomper is the wosrt film about skinheads iv'e ever seen. it put skin in such a bad light. they were the most scuffyest, mindless mod i have ever seen, they were not skin but yobs. the story line to the film was also poor aswell as the acting. it is bad that they made a film like that to make out we are all racist, i,m not and i'm sure most skins arn't

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