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I have a skinhead website which tells the truth about the skinhead way of life,the music and history.i could rant her for ages about skinheads but i dont have to because my site tells the real truth about skinheads without the media crap.its also packed with thousands of pictures from the early spirit of 69 to present day,interviews,cd reviews,skinhead news and exclusive interviews so come take a look here at www.skinheadawayoflife.com

for the real truth without the bull.


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Remember Paste This And Read About The Skinhead Way Of Life.


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Read this with real interest but....

37 in 2005 and can recall 69 skins...aged 1?
and the history of skinhead you've posted is an old inaccurate one - actually laughable to be honest smiley - biggrin from the US, even the Wikipedia one is better http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skinhead

Agree with some of what you say around the what happended to some skins around the end of the 70s and early 80s with regard to the politicalisation of the cult but these people had, in essence moved away from skins and became a right wing offshoot - how do you regard the spykids, the HAN and the Camden Stylists?.
Would suggest that in the US that the term skinhead, unfortunately, is interchangeable with the rightwing - even thogh they arent what we would consider skinheads.
Agree skinheads have always been violent, that was a key element of many 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s youth cults in the UK... and now!
Also the Windrush was in 1948 so immigration into the East End started a lot earlier - and didnt the Notting Hill Riots with the Teds attacking black people happen in the late 50s in West London?. Newsnight didnt start until 1980
White and black youth didnt mix? this is quite well documented and film from clubs in Kilburn in 68 is easily available on the net.
The BNP were only big in Barking and Dagenham - which is not even in the east end - and now wiped in the last election (thank god)... agree Oi continues a tradition of listening to rock but scratch the surface and 99% have right wing connections - no not a fact.
and yes there are many non-racist skins, always has been.. if you dont beleive, thats really your issue

Your posts are both honest and accurate, even around the violence and politics smiley - ok

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