A Conversation for Skinheads


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The Tyne and Wear Anti Fascist Association web site www.twafa.org.uk/Fascism/Skinheads.html
has an excellent discussion about skinheads who are not fascists, racists or nazis. They have also included information about gay skinheads.


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gay skinheads wot a total joke and diabolical insult to skinheads, skins r not gay ally so called gay skins r is poofs in fancey dress. skinheads ended in the 80s all these political groups and foreignn people r just trying to live a life thats gone. we were the hooligans of the time then it was casuals, life goes on, u lot look as silly to me now as the odd dinasour teddy boy looked when iwas a skin.


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i do not think that skinheads ended in the 80s,look round we well still find us about, all ages.
i agree gay skinheads are an insult, where did the gay thing comme into it,skins were never gay.
the gays are the ones with the problem, not us why do they have to to into it, let skins be skins and gays keep away

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