A Conversation for Yellow - the Sunshine Colour

Snooker Loopy

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Icy North

Well, not strictly correct, as you could pot a yellow after the final red, and then it still scores two, even though there are no reds left on the table. And of course, then you'd have to pot the yellow again, as it's the first of the final six colours, and it would still score two points.

Oh, and you might pot it as a 'free ball' and then it would score the value of the ball which you have been snookered against - and if this was the final red, then you could pot the yellow (as a red), then the yellow again, and then again, so you could pot it three times in a row, and it would score one point, then two points, then two points again.

smiley - run

Snooker Loopy

Post 2

Icy North

Actually, that last bit's wrong - you'd still have the final red to pot, so you could in theory pot yellow-yellow-red-yellow-yellow, but not three yellows in a row (I think) smiley - run

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