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its great

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Seagull's Lost Horizon

I love it, the whole idea

so how do the radio plays compare

its great

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Doctor Vell

Radio plays? You are so lucky in the Uk getting all these great radio stuff while here in the states, no one really likes the radio much to listen to dramas, well except once in a while on National Public Radio. But here, it isn't really alive, they need a way to revive it.

its great

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Seagull's Lost Horizon

to be honest I don't listen to radio much, and get the feeling I miss a lot, I mean the radio episodes of hitchhiker, and there were a couple of doctor who's, and there's a company who make audio doctor who adventures which come out every month which i love, ok so there not on the radio but the principle's the same, but there a lot of stuff I think I ,love if i could get myself to listen to it

its great

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I have One of the Blake's 7 radio storys (The seven foldcrown) It was quite good but Villa was under used he seemed to do nothing except eat lizard burgers.
I have just wrote a Blake's 7 quiz for this weeks post why not give it a try.

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