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The life and death of the universe

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If, as now it is being suggested, that there are massive black holes at the centre of all galaxies and that they were there before the formation of the galaxies, which would be one explanation how the galaxies formed.
Does this mean that, eventually after an enormous amount of time, that the universe will be just one large black hole?
What I am imagining is that the black holes consume(eventually) all the stars in their galaxies and then start to amalgamate as they wander through the universe ultimately meeting up with each other.

The life and death of the universe

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Gnomon - time to move on

Well, the current theory is that black holes do not last forever, but slowly evaporate. But this takes a lot longer than the lives of stars, so you're probably right - at some point in the history of the universe, all the stars will have gone out and there'll be a few big black holes left.

The life and death of the universe

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